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Diving Classes and Certification

Learn to scuba dive from experienced instructors. Nautilus Aquatics & Hobbies offers diving classes and certification in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We've been teaching scuba lessons since 1980 and have a great track record. Customers are very happy with our programs and often gain a lifelong love of diving.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority in every diving class we teach. Your safety always comes before profit, and we take the time to make sure you are comfortable with all the equipment before we go into the water.

Scuba Certification

CLASS: Class is once a week on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9:30. Class begins here at our Quinpool road location with a lecture by one of our highly experienced instructors. This lecture is followed by a practice session of different techniques and skills discussed that day in lecture. The practice session takes place at the Dartmouth Sportsplex Pool. Please let us know ahead of time if you do not have a vehicle! Although we understand not everyone owns a car, it is necessary for us to know ahead of time how many students will require drives, as planning needs to be done to compensate room for all students as well as their dive gear.

Scuba Lesson
HOMEWORK: Each student is provided with a Scuba Diving International Open Water Kit, which will include your SDI open water manual. At the end of each chapter in your manual, students will find questions pertaining to the material. Students can record their responses to these questions within the answer manual. Each student’s responses will be checked by an instructor for accuracy. We have never had a diver “fail” our course, however if a student is having a hard time with the questions in the dive manual, the instructor may see it fit for the student to have extra practice or lecture time.

OPEN WATER CHECKOUTS: At the end of our six week course, students get the opportunity to dive Nova Scotia’s coast line. Our instructors take students to dive sites that the instructors them- selves have been diving at for years and know very well. The open water check outs will give students the chance to show that they understand how to complete exercises in the ocean as well as the pool. Open water dives give students the opportunity to apply their newly learned skills to a real life set- ting, and a chance to explore Nova Scotia’s incredible coastal ecology!

• LICENSE: On completion of the course, students will receive an Open Water Diving License insured by Scuba Diving International. This license is internationally recognized and will allow the card holder to dive globally.

• PRICING: The total cost of the course is $400.00 plus tax. This includes rental costs of dive equipment, however students must purchase their own mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and defog (approximate price $250). A deposit of 100 dollars may be paid to put hold on a spot in the upcoming class; the remaining cost must be paid by the time the course begins.

Specialty Classes

Deepen your knowledge with specialty classes. We offer a variety of advanced programs for $350 each. Students are required to have their own equipment. Our specialty classes include:

Night Diving • Shipwreck Diving • Navigation Diving • Computer Diving • Rescue Diving

Required Equipment for All Classes:
Mask • Snorkel • Fins • Wetsuit Boots

Recommended Equipment for Specialty Classes:
Compass System • Light


Snorkeling is a fun, affordable way to discover the underwater world. When you purchase a mask, fins, and snorkel from Nautilus Aquatics & Hobbies, we give you a snorkeling lesson at no extra charge. Otherwise, snorkeling lessons are $25 each.